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Max Bird-Ridnell and Maedell Dixon Invisible Theatre Tucson Arizon 2005 Dead Certain


Set in a large country house and played out in real time, Dead Certain is an intricately plotted psychological thriller.

It tells the story of Michael, a charismatic but alcoholic out-of-work actor who is hired for an evening by Elizabeth, a paralysed ex-dancer, to read a play she has written.

When Michael arrives at her house, Elizabeth appears harmless enough but when they start to read her script Michael is startled to find disturbing similarities between it and real life - including an apparent transcript of the first conversation they had when he arrived.

Plying him with drink, Elizabeth  systematically begins to unsettle Michael and to undermine his self-confidence. Before he knows it, he is on the most frightening journey of his life – one in which he is stripped of his identity, caused to doubt his memory and forced to question his sanity. But why? What is in it for Elizabeth? And what does fate have in store for them both?  The suspense builds layer upon layer, and truth and illusion become inseparably entangled as the action gathers speed at an alarming rate towards a gripping and shocking climax .