It’s Black Box Theater Wednesday again we have a surprise pick this week as The Cool Guy recommends Dead Certain, playing much too quietly at the Gene Frankle Theater in the West Village.

Directed by Andrey Esterlis, this thriller, seen Friday last at the 8:00 PM show, was written by Marcus Lloyd in classic, suspense, edge of your seat, fashion that took the audience around one blind corner after another of a carefully crafted and carefully controlled sequence of story telling events. In my opinion, this production is the sleeper of New York City’s black box theater season to date.

This gifted writer tells the tale of a crippled dancer seeking twisted revenge from an actor she blames unjustly for her lot in life. Hiring the unsuspecting Michael Boyd to assist her complete a script she is working on, Michael is slowly led to act out, through his own improvisational skills, the plot of Elizabeth Bartlett’s play only to realize the evening’s true purpose is to agonizingly revive his memory of a womanizing, selfish attitude nearly ten years past that, in her mind, caused her the use of legs.
As story unfolds we see Michael slowly degrade from a confident, polite, professional to an angry bent on revenge himself madman,which is exactly what Elizabeth’s plan called for.

The play is limited to a cast of two, which makes a great mystery tale even more difficult to pull off if the script is not absolutely perfect.

Mr. Lloyd’s Oxford education was on display in this excellent work and it only goes to prove what an above average foundation in literary skill combined with mindful direction can do to produce a complete and unblemished theatrical product.

Lee says this one is a must see!
Here is what you need to know:

Gene Frankel Theatre 24 Bond St. NYC NY
Opened July 12, 2006
Closing: July 23, 2006
The Shows: Tue – Sun at 8pm; Fri – Sat at 10pm
Tickets: $15 – $20

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