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Theatre Royal Windsor, 1999

Marcus Lloyd and Donald Howarth
Marcus Lloyd with the wonderful  Donald Howarth

Marcus Lloyd, Donald Howarth, Jenny Seagrove, Mark Piper,  Steven Pinder
Marcus Lloyd, Donald Howarth, Jenny Seagrove, Mark Piper and Steven Pinder.  First Night drinks.

Carl Cherry Center, Carmel Ca. 2003

Carol Daly and James Brady Carol Daly and James Brady
Carol Daly and James Brady

Q and A Carl Cherry Centre, Carmel Marcus Lloyd, Carol Daly, Conrad Selvig, James Brady
James Brady, Carol Daly,
Conrad Selvig and Marcus Lloyd.
Q & A 
Marcus Lloyd with Carol Daly,
Conrad Selvig and James Brady.

Penobscot Theatre, Maine, 2004

Rita Rehen and Matt Edwards
Q and A Penobscot Theatre maineRita Rehn, Marcus Lloyd, Mark Torres, Matt Edwards. Q&A  Collene Frashure-Torres, Mark Torres, Marcus Lloyd, Matt Edwards, Rita Rehn.

Old Red Lion, London, 2004

The Old Red Lion
Martina Mars Curtan Call at The Old Red Lion
Tony Arumugam and Martina Mars

Escape Theatre, Singapore 2004

Mark Waite and Beatrice Chia Escape Theatre Singapore

Mark Waite and Beatrice Chia

Invisible Theatre, Arizona, 2005

Max Bird-Ridnell and Maedell Dixon
Susan Claasen In RehearsalDirector, Susan Claassen in rehearsal

Marcus Lloyd and Susan Claassen

Expression Theatre, San Francisco, 2005

Diana Brown and Andrey Esterlis

Negydnegy Theatre, Budapest, 2006

Melinda Halasz and Barnabas Reti

Barnabas Reti and Marcus Lloyd, Bafta 2016

Elizabeth Wells Berkes and Bryan Brendle Dead Certain
Bryan Brendle and Elizabeth Wells Berkes

Blowing Rock Theatre, North Carolina, 2011

Caroline Kapo and Lamar Wilson

Plaza Theatre, Romsey. 2011

Clive Butcher and Emma Portlock,RAODS
(Picture by Laetitia Ellison)

Emma Portlock
Clive Butcher

Marcus Lloyd and Candy Veal, with  Emma Portlock, Clive Barker and Directors Georgette Ellison and Matthew Ellison

Lyceum Theatre, Oldham, 2013

Maggie Blaszczok, Lyceum Theatre, Oldham

Maggie Blaszczok and Ean Burgon

Cast and Author, Lyceum Theatre Oldham
Ean Burgon, Maggie Blaszczok, Marcus Lloyd and Director, Lee Brennan



Marcus Lloyd with John Foreman and Christine Richardson
Marcus Lloyd with Christine Richardson and John Foreman

Ryan Ernst and Kez Settle

Ryan Ernst and Kez Settle in rehearsal

Rugby Theatre, 2016

Cheryl Ryan and Nathan Dowling

Chagrin Valley Little Theatre, Ohio, 2019

Jen Justice and Christian Achkar

Droylesdon Little Theatre, 2020

Claire White and Richard Parker

Director Mike Jordan, with cast and crew.


Altrincham Little Theatre, 2020

Victoria Johnson and Chris Burton, First and only performance before Covid Lockdown