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In 2014 Dead Certain was translated into Polish under the title Zabojcza Pewnososc by Boguslawa Plisz-Goral, and it was subsequently adapted and directed for TV by  Marius Malec.

On The Set Of:
Zabojcza Pewnosc

(2 min TV feature)

Zabojcza Pewnosc premiered on Poland's main TV Channel, TVP1
 on 23rd March 2015
starring Magdalena Cielecka and Grzegorz Malecki.

Stills From The Broadcast

From The Set


Although I was not directly involved in the production of Zabojcza Pewnosc I did go to Warsaw for the Premiere and I have very fond memories of my brief time there. I arrived two days before the broadcast and was interviewed for TVP 1 early the next morning. The interview was transmitted in small segments every two hours or so during the course of the following day as part of the build-up to the 8pm broadcast. I was keen to see as much of Warsaw as I could during my brief stay, but I didn't want to miss the strange thrill of seeing myself on Polish TV dubbed into Polish. So the day of the broadcast was quite a surreal one as my partner and I spent half our time frantically sightseeing and half our time racing back to the hotel to catch the latest installment. On the night before the broadcast we were generously taken out for a hugely enjoyable, and very alcoholic, meal by Bogusia Plisz-Goral (who had translated the play), and her husband, Michal. We were joined later by the director, Mariusz Malec and after another hour or so we all crammed into Michal's car in high spirits and drove around the eerily empty centre of Warzaw at midnight stopping every so often when we saw a poster of the play so we could have our pictures taken with it.
                                                                                                            - Marcus Lloyd

 A Night Out in Warsaw

Bogusia Plisz-Goral, Marcus Lloyd, Candy Veal, Michal
Marius Malec, Bogusia Plisz-Goral, Marcus Lloyd

Marius Malec, Marcus Lloyd

Gdansk, Poland

Rehearsed Reading, 14th December 2015
Dir. Anna Kerth, with Monika Kwialkowska as Elizabeth and Grzegorz Damiescki as Michael.

Artistic Book Museum
Lodz, 2015

In 2015 the director Michal Materna, who was then a student at the Film School of Lodz adapted Zabojcza Pewnosc as
second year project and shot it at the Artistic Book Museum in Lodz with acclaimed actor
Magdalena Boczarska as Elizabeth.